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            Why not use all that space in your loft? ...

     Create valuable and ineffective storage solutions!

              *  The benefits of a your new extra space, such as a hobby room 
                and walk 'up' wardrobe.

              *  Storing safely all those items that can take up so much of your
                household space are immeasurable.

              *  For example storage solutions such as suitcases, games, family
                toys, irreplaceable family belongings and paperwork, will all be
                easily accessible, without that old rickety ladder and an unsafe
                dark loft.

          After all, your loft represents over 50% of your total house floor area, so
          it's easy to understand why so many home owners are now installing a loft
          ladder, boarding and lights as an essential part of their home improvement
          and storage scheme.
                                              L.B.S  PACKAGE   DEAL  PRICE

                                                                                                LOFT  LIGHT  &  SWITCH 

                                                                                   LOFT  BOARDING 100 SQUARE FEET


                                                                               LOFT  HATCH  &  LADDER  COMBINATION 

                                                                               Only ... £450


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